Our clients are individuals over age 16 who have a neurological disorder and are seeking job training services.

Some of the job titles we train for include: Greeter, Sorter, Hanger, Remover, Merchandise Cleaner, Tagger, Store Cleaner, Cashier-in-Training, and Distributor.


Our organization would not be able to run without the valuable support of our volunteer team.

A few of the activities our volunteers support are: client training & supervision; product collection, repair, pricing, and display; store maintenance, cleaning, and modification; marketing and public relations.


We work with many local organizations, such as The ARC and DVR services, to accommodate and offer personalized support with a goal of individual success.

If your organization has an interested client or your business would like to offer support to our program, please click the link below for our community support application.


Click on the following documents to download and fill out.

They can be delivered to our store directly or emailed to