Who We Are

Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store was founded by parents of a young woman with Autism.

They saw the struggle she had in finding a place to learn the appropriate skills to obtain employment and wanted to create something special for our community. 

The Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store will be working with other local job placement organizations to offer a place where teens and young adults can be trained and tested to determine position for them. 

Our Mission

To create a fostering, structured work environment with job-training opportunities that will help our clients gain job experience, build self-esteem, and provide preparation for placement in other positions within the community, as well as improve the overall quality of life for persons with ASD/IDD.

As a non-profit organization, all proceeds from the Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store will go back into our community via several other Autism support organizations.


The video below was made when our store was open. 
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Our Board

Get to know us...

Caleb Gyull

"Hi. My name is Caleb Guyll and I'm honored to be president of this non-profit supporting our autism community. I have a passion to help and serve the Tri-Cities with a focus for those in need and those on the spectrum. I am on the spectrum myself so I can identify easily. In the past, I have worked on several films and TV shows. Maybe you have seen me!"

Laura Krahn

Vice President & Co-Founder
"Affected by autism myself, I know how hard it is to get a job and keep that job. I hope to help others so that they do not have to go through such negative experiences and overwhelming challenges as I did. I want to help others, like my daughter Sarah, to have a quality life and a fulfilling career. I am married to my best friend and TCATS co-founder, Dwight. My last job was with the Benton County Sheriffs Office in Kennewick."

Dwight Krahn

Treasurer & Co-Founder
"My wife says I have Asperger’s. I probably do although I’ve never been formally diagnosed. I am a Safety Engineer and have worked at Hanford and the Vitrification Plant for 28 years."

more Board Members

...all of us...

Lisa Bodey

After spending 15 years in the Benton County Assessor’s Office as Office Manager, I made a great move to work for CSS Farms as Office Manager.  I was then offered a great opportunity to join Lamb Weston where I work in Travel & Expense. My husband and I will be married 24 years later this month and have one son who will be 22 in October.  Our son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 3 and has been a learning curve for us all.  I have also learned through this journey that it’s not that he is disabled.....it’s that he is differently abled.

Brandy Bulow

Fundraising Coordinator
I was born and raised in Washington State, leaving Goldendale after graduation. I found myself in Oregon and several places around Washington before meeting my husband and settling in the Tri-Cities. We have 2 boys, both autistic and the most loving, gentle and easy going. I also work full time in Special Services department for Pasco School District. We never have a dull moment and are always busy. They are 7 and 5 now. The most precious thing to me is family. This is why I can easily get behind TCATS mission. I can see it benefiting my children, and yours, in the future. Those are the reasons I continue to fundraise and pray for TCATS to reopen and be an asset to the community again.

Rohana Swihart

Board Member
Special Education for Kennewick School District.

even more Board Members

who play a vital role in TCATS.

Lisa Upton

Board Member
Lisa Upton came to the world of Autism by accident. As an undergraduate student at Central Washington University, she began working in the Developmental Preschool for extra credit. She also took a class on Applied Behavioral Analysis for an “easy” A. It was at that time that she fell in love with the principles of ABA and the successes students with Autism could have based on those principles. After graduation, Lisa moved to Massachusetts  to work as a Behavior Therapist in a new school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She lived on the east coast for roughly two years working in the school and consulting in homes throughout Massachusetts. During this time, her love for working with children with Autism and their families grew. Throughout her time in Massachusetts, she worked with many families who became like family to her. She continues to keep in touch with several of those families today. Upon moving home, roughly 11 years ago, Lisa continued her work as a Behavior Therapist through Catholic Family and Child Services. In 2012, Lisa joined the Pasco School District where she works as the Autism Behavior Specialist. Lisa joined the TCATS board in 2018. Lisa has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters of Education in School Counseling, a certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and is currently working on her Principal Certification. She is married to her loving husband and has 1 dog. Lisa is excited to be a part of TCATS and looks forward to building awareness and resources for children and families in the Tri-Cities area.   




The reason for TCATS beginning.