Who We Are

Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store was founded by parents of a young woman with Autism.

They saw the struggle she had in finding a place to learn the appropriate skills to obtain employment and wanted to create something special for our community.

The Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store will be working with other local job placement organizations to offer a place where teens and young adults can be trained and tested to determine the best
                                                              position for them.

Our Mission

To create a fostering, structured work environment with job-training opportunities that will help our clients gain job experience, build self-esteem, and provide preparation for placement in other positions within the community, as well as improve the overall quality of life for persons with ASD/IDD.
As a non-profit organization, all proceeds from the Tri-Cities Autism Thrift Store will go back into our community via several other Autism support organizations.